Seasonal Vehicle Checks

Your windscreen is one of the most important pieces of glass on your car. It allows you to see the road ahead, minimises the risk of injury and helps protect you from debris on the road. Over time, the glass can become chipped, damaged or scratched. These can all cause problems with visibility and increase the risk of accidents, as a result. Here at Axminster Autos, we can help you identify whether the windscreen or the wipers are the issue before improving your driving view on every journey and optimising on safety.

Why choose us

As windscreen experts in Bexleyheath and the local area, Axminster Autos has a team of experienced mechanics on hand to help with your visibility issues. We are able to source and fit a range of windscreens to suit your needs, eliminating the hindrance of chips, cracks and scratches. Our unrivalled dedication to customer service ensures you car is always kept as our top priority. We’ll provide fair and honest quotes with as much information as possible, so you can make the best choice for your car.


When you might need us

Over a car’s lifetime, it’s common to notice scratches or marks on the windscreen. However, when these become so distracting that they are causing you visibility issues during driving, it’s important to contact your local, family-run garage. Whether you’re a regular motorway driver, have noticed damage after a bad storm or have been involved in a high-impact accident, a new windscreen may be needed to get your car back to driveable condition once more. We can help you do just that with professional mechanics and fair quotes.

How we work

The best way for us to identify issues with your windscreen is through a visual assessment. We’ll run your windscreen wipers and examine the glass closely to highlight scratches, cracks or marks. With this knowledge and the current legal requirements, we can advise on whether a full replacement is needed. If so, our team can fit your windscreen quickly and without issue. Alternatively, if we deem your windscreen wipers to be the problem, we can also replace these in no time at all. No matter the problem, we’ll have you driving safely again in no time.