Vehicle Safety Inspection

Investing in a used or second-hand car can be highly cost-effective but how do you know you’re getting a good deal? Our comprehensive vehicle safety inspection enlists the expertise of our mechanics, allowing them to go through the vehicle with a fine-toothed comb to identify it’s condition. Purchasing any car, whether new or old, is a serious financial commitment and we want you to know you’ve made the right decision. By inspecting key aspects of the vehicle thoroughly, we can help you identify whether the price you’re paying is fair. No matter whether you’re looking at a new car for the family or investing in a vehicle to help grow your business, our checks are there to support you. We have a dedication to honesty and customer service here at Axminster Autos. So, you can trust that the advice and recommendations we give are based on wanting the best for you and your used car purchase.

Why choose us

Here at Axminster Autos, we have a team of dedicated, highly-skilled and experienced mechanics who have dealt with cars of all ages. Throughout the years, they have helped many of our customers to understand the real deal they are getting from a used-vehicle. Our entire team revolves around a drive to offer unrivalled customer service and honest, fair advice every time.

This has helped us to build a strong reputation in our local area as mechanics, not salesmen. We know how devastating it can be to invest money into a car just to find a hoard of previously unidentified repair issues down the line. Our vehicle safety inspections have been designed to help you buy with confidence.

Vehicle Safety Inspection

When you might need us

Buying a car, old or new, is a big investment and one you’ll want to make in an informed manner. Vehicle safety inspections allow you to do just this. We’ve seen too many people turn up at our garage with a car that has only been in their possession for a number of months before a key fault is identified. In this scenario, the customer is left with costly bills and a vehicle that on occasion, is too unsafe to drive. We want to minimise the risk of this scenario happening as much as possible with the help of our friendly mechanics team.

How we work

Every car has a story to tell and we want to make sure you know it from front-to-back before purchasing. Our vehicle safety inspection helps you to do just this. Our experienced and qualified mechanics will inspect the cars: –

- Exterior paintwork - Engine
- Steering
- Fuel system
- Brakes
- Electronics
- Suspension system
- Wheels and tyres
- Other aspects of the car related to safety

We can provide you with a full and detailed report, identifying any areas of concern that we have. From here, you’ll be better informed to decide whether this used car is for you. Where possible, our team will highlight minor faults that could evolve into costly repairs later down the line and flag anything that has been miscommunicated between you and the seller. We want you to buy your next used car knowing that it will serve you and your family well for many years to come.