Vehicle Checks

The safety of your family is the top priority when embarking on any car journey and our vehicle checks are here to support this. Designed to identify potentially dangerous issues early on, these checks are a cost-effective way of maintaining your car in between services and MOTs. Our experienced team of mechanics is on hand to help you identify which checks are most relevant to your needs and how to deal with the outcomes. We recognise the importance of cars in our everyday lives – from family life through to our careers. Therefore, we know just how important it is to trust in the vehicle you’re driving and to be able to relax behind the wheel. Our range of vehicle checks allow you to do just that and come backed with over 20 years of family-run experience in the local area. Our customers come back to us again and again, relying on our team to give them fair quotes and an unrivalled dedication to customer service.

Why choose us

We have spent the past two decades dedicated to building a reputable name for ourselves in the local area. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable mechanics deal with cars of all shapes and sizes every single day. They’ve seen a whole host of different issues and have the skills needed to identify the cause of common vehicle-related problems. Our checks are one such way we can help you, as a responsible car owner, to keep the safety of your family as a priority at all times.

We treat every single car as if it was our own, going through the checks with a fine tooth comb to identify any faults. Our garage has become the go-to mechanic choice for many customers in the local area, due to our passion for bringing accessible prices and high-quality service into everything we do. Whether in between services or as a result of issues arising during your drives, our vehicle checks allow you to rest easy knowing your car is being properly taken care of.

Vehicle Checks

When you might need us

Before taking a long journey, after an extended stationary period or as a means of improving the performance of your car, consider booking in for one of our vehicle checks. They have been designed to help maintain your car throughout the year, identifying minor issues that could escalate in the future. The goal here is to give you the information and tools needed to prevent costly issues while keeping your vehicle road-worthy, legal and fully safe to use. As a family-run business, we are dedicated to supporting the needs of drivers in the Bexleyheath and surrounding areas. These checks have been devised as a means of supporting you while helping your car perform to an optimal level.

How we work

Depending on the type of vehicle check you’re booked in for, our mechanics will work through an assigned checklist. Each component within this framework will be inspected, reviewed and checked for damage. If repairs or replacements are suggested by our team, they will provide you with a full and detailed quotation in order for you to make an informed decision. Vehicle checks cover all aspects of vital performance when it comes to your car. These can include, but are not limited to: –

- Wheel alignment checks
- Battery condition checks
- Brake performance checks
- Full safety performance checks
- Tyre condition checks
- Exhaust system performance checks
- Steering performance checks
- Suspension performance checks

Once the check has been carried out, we can provide you with a full rundown of our findings. This will include a list of repairs, replacement parts or actions we believe will reduce the risk of costly faults in the future.