yres are one of the components of a car that drivers are most used to replacing. Their deterioration is caused by a number of factors, including driving conditions, the weight carried on a regular basis and harsh weather conditions. When it comes to optimising safety, the tyres that you choose are a vital consideration. Here at Axminster Autos, we can help you identify issues with existing tyres and the best replacements for your needs. So you can drive confidently at all times during the year.

Why choose us

As a well-respected name in the local area, our mechanics have the experience needed to keep your car tyres in optimal condition. Over the years, we’ve changed and advised on hundreds of tyre-related issues. This gives us the knowledge needed to help you. Your tyres need to offer the grip and stability needed to help you travel – both at speed on the motorway and during everyday journeys too. That’s why they are such an important consideration for any responsible car owner to make and one we’re here to help with.

How we work

We have a wide range of brands and tyre sizes to suit your vehicle. We can check the tread on your existing tyres, identifying whether it falls beneath the 1.6mm requirement. Where necessary, our mechanics will remove and replace tyres with the most appropriate alternatives. Additionally, we can identify whether under-inflation is causing your issue or whether the wheel balancing is incorrect. At all times, your safety is our top priority and something that we take very seriously with every single customer.

Vehicle Safety Inspection

When you might need us

You may have noticed visual deterioration to your tyres or are concerned that the tread is soon to fall under the legal requirements. Perhaps your steering wheel feels like it’s wobbling as you drive or the car doesn’t feel as stuck to the road surface as it should. Deteriorated tyres can reduce the handling capabilities of your vehicle and mean that it takes you longer to stop when braking. If you notice any of these issues, it’s important that you contact the team here at Axminster Autos so we can identify the root of the issue.