Seasonal Vehicle Checks

Our cars are put through extreme conditions throughout the year. Summer brings harsh weather conditions that can cause punctured tyres, reduced charge in batteries and a heavy reliance on the air conditioning system. In contrast, cold Winter days can result in dead car batteries, frozen windscreen wipers and thickened car fluids. All of these issues can potentially cause significant problems later down the line – especially if they are not picked up early on. This is where our seasonal vehicle checks can become your new best friend.

Why choose us

We understand just how reliant our customers are on their cars, throughout the year and in all weather conditions. And, we also know how important safety is to every responsible road user. Our experienced mechanics have the knowledge needed to identify potential issues and hazards early on, meaning you can fix them before an emergency happens. We are a well-respected name within the local community and focus on a dedication to customer service when it comes to helping our customers get the most out of their cars.


When you might need us

If you’ve got a long journey planned at the end of Winter or Summer, consider having one of our experienced mechanics perform a seasonal vehicle check on your car. Equally, if you’ve left a car stationary for an extended period of time or are looking for a way to reduce the risk of engine breakdowns, these checks are ideal. We can help pick up on bulbs that are nearing the end of their lives, tyres that have tread recordings close to the minimum requirement or windscreen wash that needs to be topped up.

How we work

When undertaking a seasonal vehicle check, our mechanics will visually inspect your car using an appointed checklist. Depending on the season we’re about to go into, the checkpoints may vary. However areas we will always check include: –

- The tyres
- The battery performance
- The air con and antifreeze levels
- The wiper blades
- The windscreen wash levels
- The light bulbs

Our checks allow any faults or damage to be identified before you take to the road. We will give honest guidance and advice on the next steps, combined with fair quotes for completing any work.