Whenever you get behind the wheel of a car, we want you to do so with confidence. That’s why the condition and health of your vehicle is our number one priority. To comply with UK road laws, all vehicles over 3 years old must have a current MOT test certificate. This must be renewed on an annual basis and completed before your previous certificate has expired. As a reliable local garage, Axminster Autos have the experience and a team of engineers to help you pass your next MOT. Carrying out essential checks thoroughly and in accordance with the law, our mechanics will go through your vehicle’s components with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything is in working order. We make sure that, when you drive out of our garage, your car or van is suitable for any journey. Our team is also on hand before your MOT is due, to support with simple maintenance tips that can help avoid faults being flagged at a later date.

Why choose us

As well as being a legal requirement for roadworthy vehicles, an MOT ensures the safety of you and your passengers. Here at Axminster Autos, we have over 20 years of experience and have carried out thousands of MOTs during this time. Our engineers have the skills and dedication to undertake a detailed analysis of your car or van, working their way through the required checkpoints and bringing your car back to full working order. We pride ourselves in being a trusted name in our local community by ensuring that every single MOT we carry out is done to the highest quality. And, at all times, we provide our customers with cost-effective solutions that prioritise the safety of you and your family at all times. As a registered MOT centre (VTS no. V104830), you can rely on us to care for your vehicle as if it was our own. We are qualified to carry out MOT’s for Vehicle Classes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7, covering everything from motorcycles and mopeds through to quadricycles, taxis and ambulances.


When you might need us

As a responsible vehicle owner, MOT’s are part-and-parcel of ensuring you stay safe on the roads. Over the years, Axminster Autos has worked hard to build a strong and reliable reputation within our community. We work with some of the most skilled and passionate engineers in the surrounding area who prioritise customer service and client relationships above all else. At every stage of your MOT, we strive to keep you informed about our findings and give you the information needed to make decisions about repairs or replacements. We want our customers to come back to us again and again, for all their car or van related needs. And, to do this, we work hard to build good relationships with a backbone of trust at all times. Our goal is to build our name as the local MOT service centre of choice. So, when it comes time to renew your vehicles legal paperwork or if you’ve identified any minor or major faults, trust in Axminster Autos.

How we work

During an MOT, our engineers will carry out a number of checks designed to ensure your vehicle is safe and fully roadworthy. The areas checked within an annual MOT include: –

- Vehicle lights
- Vehicle horn
- Vehicle Battery
- All electrical wiring
- Steering and suspension system
- Brakes
- All 4 tyres and wheels
- Seatbelts and restraint systems
- Body
- Registration plates
- VIN number
- Speedometer
- Full exhaust system
- Vehicle emissions
- Mirrors and window wipers
- Windscreen

Should we encounter any issues or components that our engineers believe needs to be repaired or replaced, a member of our team will contact you to discuss. At all times, we strive to bring you the best prices and the speediest service, getting you back on the road quickly. When possible, we will undergo repairs on the same day. If we need to order in parts, our engineers will provide you with an expected delivery date and help book you in for a return visit.