DPF’s have been fitted in diesel cars for over two decades. They work to reduce emissions by capturing the soot released during driving and burning it off over time. This prevents the hard-to-miss black smoke that many people see on the highway. Occasionally, an interruption in the process can lead to your DPF failing to work as well as it should. This is where we can help here at Axminster Autos.

Why choose us

We are specialist DPF fitters from Axminster Autos. We will be able to identify and resolve any issues with your filter and offer a solution that fits within your budget. Our company has been in this business for a while and has worked hard to build a reputation that people can count on. There are many happy car owners in the area who chose our garage, because they know we will provide them with great service. Your diesel car deserves top quality care, and for the safety of everyone on the road.

How we work

On occasion, the regeneration process in DPF's cannot happen properly. This means it is unable to burn off the excess soot which increases the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. We offer a variety of car services and auto repairs including cleaning the DPF. Here, we'll manually remove any ash to get it back in shape before putting it back into your car. We also replace filters that are beyond use for a price you can trust. Once this has been done, we will reset any error lights and return your car to you in full working order once again.


When you might need us

If you often drive short distances at low speeds, it's more likely than not that your exhaust temperature is too low to burn off soot effectively. Similarly, if your car is serviced with low-quality oils, the DPF will get blocked and it won't be able to perform its job. When you’re travelling for a long period of time on motorways, at around the same speed, soot will usually burn off. If this doesn’t happen, electricians from our team can inspect and identify the issue before providing a quote on what needs to be done.