The clutch in your car allows you to move up and down through the gears when driving. It is vital – without one, you wouldn’t be able to move the car at all. So, when issues occur with this important component, the results can be costly. When your existing clutch gets worn down beyond repair, our experienced team at Axminster Autos can replace it with a brand new one. This allows you to take to the road without the worry of breaking down or significant loss of braking power, so you can enjoy every single journey once again.

Why choose us

Axminster Autos have long served our local area, helping car owners to better understand the performance of their clutch. We have a team of experienced and friendly mechanics who have replaced hundreds of clutches in different cars over the years. This gives us the skills needed to ensure you always get the best job possible. And, we’ll guarantee you are kept fully informed at all times and given fair, honest quotes. In doing so, we hope to instil a degree of trust with our customers and one that filtrates into everything we do.

How we work

Our mechanics will first discuss the issues you’ve been having to better understand where your problems may lie. From here, we’ll perform a detailed inspection of the clutch to identify any damage, corrosion or deterioration. If we believe a clutch replacement is needed, we’ll provide you with all the information needed and a fair quote so you can make an informed decision. Our team can have a clutch fitted quickly, with the goal of getting you back on the road in no time at all. If we need to order in parts, we will provide lead times so you can plan your time accordingly.


When you might need us

There are a number of key signs that could indicate that your existing clutch is not performing at its top capacity. For many, the clutch pedal may feel harder to push down or cannot be released as easily. You may notice a grinding of clanking sound or the clutch pedal may vibrate when driving. In these situations, it is likely your clutch has become worn and potentially needs to be replaced. And we’re here to help make your car safe again while minimising the risk of breakdowns in the future too.