The lights on your car are a safety feature to make sure you can see in the dark and that others can see you. They help ensure visibility so that drivers and pedestrians are kept safe. When a car’s lights are blown, this becomes a safety issue. Blown bulbs, loose sockets, or electrical disruptions can all lead to light problems on a vehicle. It’s not always easy to see if you have a headlight problem or another issue that might be negatively affecting your vision, which is why our team at Axminster Autos is on hand to help. We want you to stay safe and see the way ahead!

Why choose us

Bulbs are sometimes one of the trickier replacement parts on a vehicle - and can be hard to fit when they're really close to other engine parts. Consequently, it's important that any bulbs fitted are done so properly to stop future problems. We have a team of experienced mechanics who can do bulb replacements and check your car in a short amount of time. Our family-owned business has built an established reputation for honest advice and fair prices. We're confident that you can trust us to provide quality service for all of your car’s lighting needs, so come on by today!

How we work

It’s important to visually inspect your lights and bulbs to make sure they work properly. We can first discuss the issues that you’re experiencing, which will help us be better informed and understand where the problem may be. We’ll do a number of checks to tell you exactly what the issue is with your car. Then we’ll give you an honest & fair quote so that you can get hold of your car as soon as possible. We can fit bulbs quickly, or tell you if any of our upgrades would help you to see better during evening drives.


When you might need us

Have you noticed that your indicator lights are blinking faster than usual? Or perhaps you’re struggling to see your driving route in dark or poor visibility conditions. We recommend you come to us as soon as you spot a bulb issue. Newer car lights, such as LED and Xenon, use less energy and provide better lighting at night. These also help you stay safe when you're driving at night.