Whether you’re thinking about selling your car or just want to keep it at it’s best, our bodywork repair service is there to help. Dents, scratches and marks to a vehicle’s paintwork happen all the time – in many cases, it’s unavoidable. Think shopping trolleys gone rogue or a bollard that seems to pop up out of nowhere when parking. And while these smaller damages rarely cause any safety issues, they can become an eyesore. Our mechanics can bring your car back to its former beauty by removing any scratches, dents or chips to the paintwork in no time.

Why choose us

Scratches and dents on cars are something our mechanics see on a regular basis. And, these bodywork issues are also something we have been trained to deal with. Every car has its own unique colour paint and body shape. When we deal with this sort of damage, our focus is to return the car’s body back to its original beauty – focusing on achieving the perfect colour match and a seamless finish. Over the past 20 years, we have built a solid reputation in the local area for being meticulous with detail and helping car owners love their vehicles once again.

How we work

Our mechanics will identify where on the body the scratches and/or dents sit and how best to approach these. By offering fair guidance and advice, we strive to ensure you understand the commitment you’re making and how we will work to repair these issues. For minor scratches, we will sand down the surrounding area before blending in the colour-matched paint and finishing the surface off professionally. With deeper scratches, we may use an appropriate filler before sanding down, respraying, lacquering and polishing the surfaces once more. However we deem fit, the finish will be one that is as close to unidentifiable as possible.


When you might need us

When you might need us Although scratches and dents are part-and-parcel of driving these days, we know how much of an eyesore they may be. Particularly if they are in a highly visible location, these bodywork damages can change the way you think about your car. Equally, for deeper scratches, they can cause additional paint damage over time which will end up in more costly repairs. We recommend you contact us straight away once you have identified a scratch or dent, to allow our mechanics to produce the best and most professional result.