The battery is one of the most important components in a car that provides all working parts with electricity. It is vital for your vehicle to function properly, which means you should always ensure it is reliably charged and replaced when it reaches its 3 to 5 years lifespan. The battery in your car will degrade over time, and it’s best to change the whole thing out before it gets worse. That way you’ll get the maximum amount of life before your next replacement. And when you change it? Find a garage that has staff that specialize in all different parts, so they can provide you with the expert attention you deserve.

Why choose us

With over thousand replaced car batteries between us, we are true experts in the field of car battery replacement and know all the other aspects that determine the strength of your battery. You should come to Axminster Autos for your next replacement, or if you need advice on anything else related to car batteries. For instance, a car that's always been run with all the air-con, radio and sat nav on will deteriorate faster than one that was simply used to get from A-B. Our mechanics will provide fair guidance and advice on the right battery to choose and how to prolong its life.

How we work

We will first identify if there are any issues with the battery in your product by testing its functionality. The battery may not be degrading over time and could require such repairs as a fault connection, corrosion, and months of disuse. Once we figure out the specifics of your problem, we'll offer you guidance and a quote for all work. We have access to many different brands and models to make sure you get the perfect battery for your needs and will fit it in no time.


When you might need us

You might be wondering if there’s something wrong with your car. Have you noticed that it’s taking slightly longer to start up? That the lights seem less bright than usual? That your ‘check engine’ light has turned on? Or, perhaps you’ve gone to start your car after a period of it sitting stationary, and haven't. Checking your battery between 3-5 years usually is a good idea to avoid a problem in the future. If another problem presents itself and you need more power, our mechanics can help identify that too.

Get started today

Did you know that a flat battery is one of the main reasons for breakdown calls here in the UK - especially on cold mornings when your car may not start. The last thing you need when you have to head off to work or pop out for an emergency is discovering your car battery has gone flat. That’s why we recommend checking your tires and keeping your car battery in top condition. We can provide you with advice, guidance, and offer battery disposal when it reaches the end of its life. Arrange for a no obligation, competitive quote for car repairs today.