Air Conditioning 

With the hot weather comes a need for your in-car air conditioning to be working at its best. Yes, it can bring down the temperature on a scorching day as well as cool things down when it’s too hot.. When there’s snow on the windshield, you can use your car’s A/C to clear it up. Apart from making road trips more comfortable, this also helps lower CO2 emission and reduces the chance of a breakdown. By ensuring your air conditioning is maintained, you guarantee it will be working when you need it most.

Why choose us

Here at Axminster Autos, we want every single driver to enjoy being in their car. And, we understand that warmer days or frosted windscreens can hinder this. That’s why for over 20 years we’ve made a name for ourselves in the local area, providing customers with the best air conditioning recharge or identifying what specific vehicle repair they might need. Our mechanics are fully trained and will work on any cars that come in. We help you find an affordable solution to fix your car in a timely manner.

How we work

When dealing with AC issues, our mechanics usually identify the root cause first. If your system requires recharging and you need to find out which type of gas it uses (either R134A or R1234YF), we'll provide you with a quote. We recommend that air conditioning in a car is recharged every 2 years, in accordance with the manufacturer's guidance. During this process, we will remove all of the old refrigerant gas and oil from the system before replacing it with new. A vacuum test is performed to make sure there are no signs of damage. If this reveals a problem, our team can also clean your air conditioner to remove any mould, bacteria or fungi that might cause it to leak prematurely.


When you might need us

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning isn’t performing like it used to, or the cool breeze keeps blowing on and off intermittently, we recommend having a specialist take a look. There's always work to do at our Atlanta AC repair shop. Some common AC unit issues we see are when the system doesn't cool the room or when people can smell a damp, unpleasant smell after installation. The good news is that these are quick fixes around 3 hours. In all these situations, it's likely that you may need to get your air conditioning checked out. That's where we mechanics come in - to help ensure your AC remains in good order for as long as possible.

Get started today

You can help your air conditioning units last longer by consistently checking them - don't wait for the next heatwave to announce itself before you do. It's important to note that this isn't an annual MOT or car service item, so it's down to you as a responsible driver. Here at Axminster Autos, our aim is to provide the most out of family roads and we will do everything that we can. For example, if your air conditioning isn't functioning properly then get in contact with us today and let us deal with it. We're experienced in identifying and repairing any cooling issues there might be so you should give us a call!